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I remember my father telling me how when he was younger the elders would gather everyone at the center of his village to tell stories about their origins. These were stories that he would one day pass on to me and that image of everyone gathered around the elders never left my mind. As a filmmaker I look at you, the audience, as my village. The theaters, the Internet, and mobile phones are where we now gather to watch how I tell universal stories from an African perspective.

Film has the ability to unite and bring divergent stories and cultures together, allowing us to understand each other. I see the differences and conflicts but instead of running from them, I look for the common strand that exists in our differences and therein lies the story that I tell.

My goal is to write and direct universal stories using the language of film. So whether you’re watching one of my films in Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Accra, Port Au Prince, Atlanta, New York, or Miami, you can relate. I press record and watch a story unfold that we can all relate to in our own lives. But I want to take it one step further by making films that will touch Africa and the Diaspora so eventually there will no longer be a Nigerian filmmaker, an African filmmaker, or an African American filmmaker but just a filmmaker telling our stories.

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